When working in teams, communication is often lost.

This integration of Changelogfy with Discord is just to solve this problem.

With each new update, bug fix, or update of your app launched on Changelog, your team will be automatically notified on the discord channel.

This way, all your teammates will always be informed about the updates of your product or service.

See how to activate your integration with discord.

First, create a Webhook. Log in to Discord and go to Server Settings > Integrations and click Create Webhook.

Choose a name for your integration like Changelogfy and add this Changelogfy icon. Click the Copy the Webhook URL to…well…copy the Webhook URL.

On the sidebar, click on Settings.

On Settings Sidebar, click on Integrations.

Click on the button Enable for Discord Integration.

Paste the Webhook URL and click on enable.

If the integration is successfully activated, you will receive a test message on your discord channel.

Congratulations! You have successfully integrated Changelogfy with Discord!

If you still have questions, please contact us by chat.********
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