If you use Google Analytics to track user behavior on your website, you might also want to gain similar insights into your Changelogfy Portal visitors. You can track:

How your Changelogfy Portal traffic trends over time.
How long your users spend on each feedback, roadmap, or changelog.
How many feedback, roadmap, or changelog they read in a session.
What websites they come from, and more.

Let's go enable Google Analytics in your Changelogfy Portal

Click in your avatar on the sidebar
Click in Settings
On the Settings Menu, click on Project Settings
Insert your code provided by google analytics
Click on the button Update Project

Once you hit Update Project, Google Analytics will start tracking your Changelogfy Portal traffic from that hour onwards.

Note: Your Changelogfy Portal traffic can take a couple of hours to appear in Google Analytics. Also, you can't retrieve data from any period before you added your tracking ID.

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