When to keep the newsfeed private?

⚙️ When you are using Changelog for internal projects and want to keep it all in the secret.

🔐 When you want to keep things private between your company and customers.

Let's set up your newsfeed privacy.

On the sidebar, click on Settings.

On the settings sidebar, click on Public Feed.

On the News Feed Settings, check the option Private and click on Update Button.

⚠️ From now, if any unauthorized people try to access your newsfeed, they will get alert access denied.

Some important things you should know

In-App Widget

Our widget will automatically generate a private link to access your newsfeed.


To access your newsfeed when it has on private mode, you need to pass a token in the URL, for example:


It works for custom domains and for changelogfy subdomains.

If you still have questions, please contact us by chat.

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