Identify your users

Here you will understand how to identify your users with our SDK.

To identify your users through our javascript SDK, make sure you have already installed our widget by following the tutorial below:

Important: The user identification feature is only available in the Pro plan.

In your script you need to send the data parameter, with the user information.

var CLF_config = {
selector: ".changelogfy-widget", //required
app_id: "APP_ID", // required
data: {
user_id: '30631b96-3add-4f9a-addc-9f4cd1cf5915', // required - userId in your software
user_name: 'User Name', // optional
user_email: '', // optional
user_avatar: '',
custom_data: {
'Job_Role': 'CEO', // Example data
'Plan': 'Pro', // Example data
'teammates': '4', // Example data
'Monthly_Spend': '50 USD' // Example data

Note: User updates are not processed in real time, it may take a few minutes for the information to be updated on your dashboard.