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Single Sign On

Single Sign On allows login your users automatically in your newsfeed page, without requiring a login or password.

Therefore when users react to or comment on your posts in the newsfeed, they are identified too, like as works in the in-app widget.

SSO Secret Token

To enable SSO, the first step is to get your SSO Token from the Settings section.

Your token is secret and should never be shared with unauthorized people, or on your front-end for example.
Single Sign On

Generate tokens on your server

PHP example:

composer require firebase/php-jwt


use \Firebase\JWT\JWT;

$userData = [
    'id' => "123456",
    'name' => "Paulo Castellano",
    'email' => ""

$GENERATED_SSO_TOKEN = JWT::encode($userData, 'SSO_SECRET_TOKEN', 'HS256');


Now, you need pass param sso to widget.

    var CLF_config = {
        selector: ".changelogfy-widget",
        app_id: "PROJECT_SECRET_TOKEN",
        sso: "GENERATED_SSO_TOKEN"
<script async src=""></script>

If all works fine, your users will be automatically logged in to your public or private newsfeed.

Updated on: 10/13/2023

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